Pole Battle Championship (PBCH) is the last international round where the best pole dancers of all countries will meet and this battle decides who is the best european pole battle dancer every year.

Competitiors collect points during the year and create charts of results and who reaches the highest score is the total winner. Competitors may travel around all announced competitions.

Pole Battle Championship takes place at festival Life! in Brno (CZE) - one of the biggest fair of dance styles in Europe.

Only competitors who qualified (= 6 finalists of each category) at one of the rounds of the year can sent their applications. Those with better score have priority than others with the lower score. The limit of the competitors in each category is 22 maximum (+2 reserves). Rules for the competition stays the same as previous rounds 2018.

DANCE LIFE EXPO is the unique dance exhibition for everyone. Visitors take part in various workshops, watch performances, purchase dancewear and other equipment. Dancers get inspiration from each other, share experience and compete among themselves.


Application fee (non-refundable): 1000 CZK/40 EUR (competitors won´t pay an entrance fee)


  • 08:30-11:00 - Qualification
  • 14:00-15:30 - Final

Pole Battle Championship 2017: